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This is an example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) calculations on a very cheap hardware.

Details on function, installation and configuration can be found on the Wiki Page

A 3d-printable housing can be found here:


If you would like to support the developer with a cup of coffee you can do that via Paypal.

If you have any technical topics, you can file a issue in this repository.

In other cases you can contact the developer via email:

Coming next

  • Automated update of the neural network file (tflite) to make the learing of additional pictures much easier and automated (GitHub action)
  • New "hyprid" neural network for digital numbers --> allowing the detection of intermediate states ("ring between two numbers") as a subdigit

Change log

Known Issues

  • Slow response of web server during picture analysis

General remark: Besides the file firmware.bin, typically the content of /html will need to be updated!

10.5.2 - Stability Increase (2022-02-22)
  • NEW 10.5.2: Bug Fix: wrong firmware.bin (no rate update)
  • NEW 10.5.1: Bug Fix: wrong return value, rate value & PreValue status, HTML: SSID & IP were not displayed
  • MQTT: changed wifi naming to "wifiRSSI"
  • HTML: check selectable values for consistency
  • Refactoring of check postprocessing consistency (e.g. max rate, negative rate, ...)
  • Bug Fix: corrected error in "Check Consistency Increase"
10.4.0 - Stability Increase (2022-02-12)
  • Graphical configuration: select available neural network files (*.tfl, *.tflite) from drop down menu
  • OTA-update: add option to upload tfl / tflite files to the correct location (/config/)
    • In the future the new files will also be copied to the firmware directory of the repository
  • Added Wifi RSSI to MQTT information
  • Updated analog neural network file (ana-s3-q-20220105.tflite)
  • Updated digital neural network file (dig-s1-q-20220102.tflite)
  • Updated build environment to Espressif 3.5.0
10.3.0 - Stability Increase (2022-01-29)
  • Implemented LED flash dimming (LEDIntensity). Remark: as auto illumination in the camera is used, this is rather for energy saving. It will not help reducing reflections
  • Additional camera parameters: saturation, contrast (although not too much impact yet)
  • Some readings will have removable "N"s that can not be removed automatically and are handled with an "error" --> no return value in the field "value" anymore (still reported back via field "raw value")
  • Updated esp32 camera hardware driver
  • Bug fix: MQTT, HTML improvements

ATTENTION: The new ESP32 camera hardware driver is much more stable on newer OV2640 versions (no or much less reboots) but seems to be not fully compatible with older versions.

  • If you have problem with stalled systems you can try the following
    • Update the parameter ImageQuality to 12 instead of current value 5 (manually in the config.ini)

    • If this is not helping, you might need to update your hardware or stay with version 9.2

10.2.0 - Stability Increase (2022-01-14)
  • Due to the updated camera driver, the image looks different and a new setup might be needed

    • Update reference image
    • Update Alignment marks
  • Reduce reboot due to camera problems

  • Update esp32-camera to new version (master as of 2022-01-09)

10.1.1 - Stability Increase (2022-01-12)
  • Bug Fix MQTT problem
  • Issue:
    • Changing from v9.x to 10.x the MQTT-parameter "Topic" was renamed into "MainTopic" to address multiple number meters. This renaming should have been done automatically in the background within the graphical configuration, but was not working. Instead the parameter "Topic" was deleted and "MainTopic" was set to disabled and "undefined".
  • ToDo
    • Update the
    • If old config.ini available: copy it to /config, open the graphical configuration and save it again.
    • If old config.ini not available: reset the parameter "MainTopic" within the config.ini manually
    • Reboot
10.1.0 - Stability Increase (2022-01-09)
  • Reduce ESP32 frequency to 160MHz

  • Update tflite (new source:

  • Update analog neural network (ana-s3-q-20220105.tflite)

  • Update digital neural network (dig-s1-q-20220102.tflite)

  • Increased web-server buffers

  • bug fix: compiler compatibility

10.0.2 - Stability Increase (2022-01-01)
  • NEW v10.0.2: Corrected JSON error

  • Updated compiler toolchain to ESP-IDF 4.3

  • Removal of memory leak

  • Improved error handling during startup (check PSRAM and camera with remark in logfile)

  • MQTT: implemented raw value additionally, removal of regex contrain

  • Normalized Parameter MaxRateValue to "change per minute"

  • HTML: improved input handling

  • Corrected error handling: in case of error the old value, rate, timestamp are not transmitted any more

9.2.0 - External Illumination (2021-12-02)
  • Direct JSON access: http://IP-ADRESS/json
  • Error message in log file in case camera error during startup
  • Upgrade analog CNN to v9.1.0
  • Upgrade digital CNN to v13.3.0 (added new images)
  • html: support of different ports
9.1.1 - External Illumination (2021-11-16)
  • NEW 9.1.1 bug fix: LED implemenetation
  • External LEDs: change control mode (resolve bug with more than 2 LEDs)
  • Additional info into log file
  • Bug fix: decimal shift, html, log file
9.0.0 - External Illumination (2021-10-23)

Additional Ideas

There are some ideas and feature requests which are not followed currently - mainly due to capacity reasons on side of the developer. They are collected here:


8.5.0 Multi Meter Support (2021-10-07)
7.1.2 MQTT-Update - (2021-06-17)
6.7.2 Image Processing in Memory - (2021-05-01)
5.0.0 Setup Modus - (2020-12-06)
4.1.1 Configuration editor - (2020-12-02)
4.0.0 Tflite Core - (2020-11-15)
3.1.0 MQTT-Client - (2020-10-26)
2.2.1 Version Control - (2020-09-27)
2.1.0 Decimal Shift, Chrome & Edge - (2020-09-25)
2.0.0 Layout update - (2020-09-12)
1.1.3 Initial Version - (2020-09-09)

Full Changelog