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DIR=`dirname "$0"`
DIR=`exec 2>/dev/null;(cd -- "$DIR") && cd -- "$DIR"|| cd "$DIR"; unset PWD; /usr/bin/pwd || /bin/pwd || pwd`
BW_VERSION="$(curl --silent | grep 'COREVERSION="' | sed 's/^[^"]*"//; s/".*//')"
echo "Building BitBetter for BitWarden version $BW_VERSION"
# If there aren't any keys, generate them first.
[ -e "$DIR/.keys/cert.cert" ] || "$DIR/.keys/"
[ -e "$DIR/src/bitBetter/.keys" ] || mkdir "$DIR/src/bitBetter/.keys"
cp "$DIR/.keys/cert.cert" "$DIR/src/bitBetter/.keys"
docker run --rm -v "$DIR/src/bitBetter:/bitBetter" -w=/bitBetter sh
docker build --no-cache --build-arg BITWARDEN_TAG=bitwarden/api:$BW_VERSION --label com.bitwarden.product="bitbetter" -t bitbetter/api "$DIR/src/bitBetter" # --squash
docker build --no-cache --build-arg BITWARDEN_TAG=bitwarden/identity:$BW_VERSION --label com.bitwarden.product="bitbetter" -t bitbetter/identity "$DIR/src/bitBetter" # --squash
docker tag bitbetter/api bitbetter/api:latest
docker tag bitbetter/identity bitbetter/identity:latest
docker tag bitbetter/api bitbetter/api:$BW_VERSION
docker tag bitbetter/identity bitbetter/identity:$BW_VERSION
# Remove old instances of the image after a successful build.
ids=$( docker images bitbetter/* | grep -E -v -- "CREATED|latest|${BW_VERSION}" | awk '{ print $3 }' )
[ -n "$ids" ] && docker rmi $ids || true