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  Theo Arends 46210bc9f0 Add command SetOption40 0..250 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 48215cd4af
Merge pull request #5964 from s-hadinger/tls_optimized 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 4413a757d8 TLS+AWS IoT optimization for speed, code and memory footprint 1 year ago
  Theo Arends ddb81c7268 Update core 2.5.2 Arduino IDE files 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 5f3be7ca87 Add define USE_DHT to my_user_config.h to save space in sonoff-basic.bin 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 12da2fd6f9 Add define USE_COUNTER to my_user_config.h to save space in sonoff-basic.bin and sonoff-minimal.bin 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 48b96528fc Add more ES6 javascript 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 1effa25402 Fix javascript error 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 03d69c2d99
Merge pull request #5959 from Jason2866/patch-1 1 year ago
  Jason2866 53460ec306
Disable some sensors by default 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 22cf3f2279
Merge pull request #5958 from gemu2015/scripter 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 9f4d1fa009
Merge pull request #5954 from gemu2015/MLX90614 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 18fc145dc4
Merge pull request #5955 from gemu2015/SPS30 1 year ago
  gemu2015 dad6d9f997 update scripter 1 year ago
  gemu2015 a86d579746 Update my_user_config.h 1 year ago
  gemu2015 2dd4750bb7 sps30 stop, run (0,1) added 1 year ago
  gemu2015 d6fd54ae9b Create xsns_46_MLX90614.ino 1 year ago
  Theo Arends e43aa0be18
Merge pull request #5951 from s-hadinger/issue_5940 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 66d372586a Fix channel command for dual dimmers (#5940) 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 8ed16c15a0 dd using heap when more than 199 IRSend values need to be send. May need increase of define MQTT_MAX_PACKET_SIZE too 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 9d706c9864 Start using optional ES6 saving code space 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 2e7c72724d Fix Arduino compile errors 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 8da743f98e Fix Arduino IDE compilation error 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 8c473adc86 Update xdrv_01_webserver.ino 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 3a3a26bf5e Add some ES6 comments 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 50e4722873 Update xdrv_01_webserver.ino 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 1748a2655c Update xdrv_01_webserver.ino 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 2b5c691041 Refactor TLS and Add visibility toggle to GUI password 1 year ago
  Theo Arends f99649dc18 Fix non core 2.4.2 compilation error 1 year ago
  Theo Arends d60df79c9c
Merge pull request #5939 from s-hadinger/tls_bearssl2 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 0f43764aa0 Re-enabling USE_DISCOVERY, mistakenly disabled in the first place 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 96ee25a2d1 Fixed compilation error 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 844840a851 Added TLS CA validation option as an alternative to Fingerprint validation 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 006462f17e Refactored TLS based on BearSSL - cleaned 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 09dcb93489 Fix Toggle functionality to button double press when one button and two devices are detected 1 year ago
  Theo Arends d3eaf7491d Fix exception 9 when syslog is enabled and NTP is just synced 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 76919b2111
Merge pull request #5930 from andrethomas/patch-1 1 year ago
  Andre Thomas e7a3a5033c
Update _changelog.ino 1 year ago
  Andre Thomas eb0799a607
Change include of my_user_config.h 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 53ecde7637 Add command SetOption65 0/1 and more Tuya Serial based device support 1 year ago
  Theo Arends aaacb20d55
Merge pull request #5815 from thirug010/development 1 year ago
  andrethomas c8c3c3452e Reverting some files to 763118b626 1 year ago
  Theo Arends a7dc6b71ae Add some MQTT housekeeping which might solve issue (#5755) 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 8626304165 Fix AWS related core 2.3.0 compile error 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 6a5ea7a9c6 Add support for AWS IoT with TLS 1.2 on core 2.5.2 1 year ago
  Theo Arends c14bfb3364
Merge pull request #5923 from s-hadinger/aws_iot2 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 24dda8e8fe Updated with latest changes and resoved conflits 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 1d32011596 Allow double press for a single Button1 only 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 073fd5c2cd Change pubsubclient MQTT_KEEPALIVE from 10 to 30 seconds 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger a8b93c4cdb Fixed log for unsupported reatined messages 1 year ago