217 Commits (46210bc9f05e3b168ebf91162ceba454b833606a)

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  Theo Arends 46210bc9f0 Add command SetOption40 0..250 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 4413a757d8 TLS+AWS IoT optimization for speed, code and memory footprint 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 5f3be7ca87 Add define USE_DHT to my_user_config.h to save space in sonoff-basic.bin 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 12da2fd6f9 Add define USE_COUNTER to my_user_config.h to save space in sonoff-basic.bin and sonoff-minimal.bin 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 66d372586a Fix channel command for dual dimmers (#5940) 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 8ed16c15a0 dd using heap when more than 199 IRSend values need to be send. May need increase of define MQTT_MAX_PACKET_SIZE too 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 2b5c691041 Refactor TLS and Add visibility toggle to GUI password 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 006462f17e Refactored TLS based on BearSSL - cleaned 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 09dcb93489 Fix Toggle functionality to button double press when one button and two devices are detected 1 year ago
  Theo Arends d3eaf7491d Fix exception 9 when syslog is enabled and NTP is just synced 1 year ago
  Andre Thomas e7a3a5033c
Update _changelog.ino 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 53ecde7637 Add command SetOption65 0/1 and more Tuya Serial based device support 1 year ago
  andrethomas c8c3c3452e Reverting some files to 763118b626 1 year ago
  Theo Arends a7dc6b71ae Add some MQTT housekeeping which might solve issue (#5755) 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 6a5ea7a9c6 Add support for AWS IoT with TLS 1.2 on core 2.5.2 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 073fd5c2cd Change pubsubclient MQTT_KEEPALIVE from 10 to 30 seconds 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 5c648e8048 Added AWS IoT to changelog 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 345a514f7b dd Toggle functionality to button double press when more devices are detected 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 164b3aaf11 Add command SetOption39 1..255 to control CSE7766 (Pow R2) or HLW8032 (Blitzwolf SHP5) handling of power loads below 6W 1 year ago
  Theo Arends d0502c1af8 Fix PZem startup issue 1 year ago
  Theo Arends ffd36e0b2d Webserver HTML/Javascript changes 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 1b229f5c9b Work-around for Philips Hue emulation issue by using part of MAC address for LightId 1 year ago
  Adrian Scillato 712ea8ec43
Add support to Stage Arduino Core 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger ad11828e9d Work-around for Philips Hue emulation issue (#5849) 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 4e95417db4 Add reset of Energy values when connection to sensor is lost for over 4 seconds 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 74685f1202 Fix #5869 typo 1 year ago
  Stephan Hadinger 86d14fe24c Fix #5869 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 22663fc10c Add command SetOption38 6..255 1 year ago
  Theo Arends 4d070bfb15 Change default PowerDelta from 80% to 0% on new installations 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 56615dce4e Add command AdcParam 2 years ago
  Theo Arends dc1bf2ff03 Add support for VL53L0x time of flight sensor. Might interfere with TSL2561 using same I2C address (#5845) 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 15098dae68 Fix core 2.5.x ISR not in IRAM exception (#5837) 2 years ago
  thirug010 ab9baf2ac0 Resolved conflit and Updated the code Skop dimmer packets for non-dimmer configuration 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 763118b626 Add support for link LED and four power LEDs 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 7204f85a3a Add support for SPS30 Particle sensor thanks to Gerhard Mutz (#5830) 2 years ago
  Theo Arends d599f21758 Add defines USE_EMULATION_WEMO and USE_EMULATION_HUE 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 9c0bd2a665 Add HX711 weight restore after controlled restart or after power restore just before executing command Sensor34 7 (#5367, #5786) 2 years ago
  thirug010 a802d76713 update the changelog.ino 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 8c132bd0ff Add rule System#Save executed just before a planned restart 2 years ago
  thirug010 6b013144ab Updated the code based on the feedback 2 years ago
  Theo Arends dc3d0aea94 Add initial support for Scripts 2 years ago
  thirug010 821dd97e69 Update _changelog.ino 2 years ago
  Theo Arends a777bb6cdf Add command SetOption64 0/1 to switch between "-" or "_" as sensor index separator 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 6177787744 Revert " Change sensor names using a minus" 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 61c59fa4b9 Change sensor names using a minus 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 038079a865 Add rule support for single JSON value pair 2 years ago
  Theo Arends e472d3232a Add device OverTemp (>73 Celsius) detection to selected Energy Monitoring devices 2 years ago
  Theo Arends 0b6c62f5f9 Add support for Shelly 1PM Template 2 years ago
  Theo Arends ad54ece2fb Enable ADC0 by default 2 years ago
  Andrea Pede 09c1b4f5f9
Update _changelog.ino 2 years ago