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Do you want to do a pull request?

First things first: THANK YOU!. ESPurna started as a personal project and it will be great if it becomes a community project. There are so many things that can be improved, added and fixed (yeah, a lot a small bugs and not so small bugs there, I'm sure). And sometimes I just don't have the time to work on it as much as I'd like to.

Second. Let's try to keep it homogeneous and readable. I have my coding style. It's mostly standard but sometimes it can be opinionated. It you are willing to do a pull request, there are a few things I would ask you first:

Pull request

  • Do the pull request against the dev branch
  • Only touch relevant files (beware if your editor has auto-formatting feature enabled)
  • If you are adding a new functionality (new hardware, new library support) not related to an existing component move it to it's own modules (.cpp or .h file)
  • If you are adding new library, include it in one of the sample test/build/*.h profiles, so our integrated CI will try to compile it.
  • Make sure you check Coding Style
  • PRs that don't compile or cause more coding errors will not be merged. Please fix the issue. Same goes for PRs that are raised against older commit in dev - you might need to rebase and resolve conflicts.

And thank you again!