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set -x -e -v
cd code
case "$1" in
# runs unit tests, using the host compiler and the esp8266 mock framework
# -
# -
pushd test/unit
cmake -B build
cmake --build build
cmake --build build --target test
# TODO: both can only parse one file at a time
npm exec --no -- eslint html/custom.js
npm exec --no -- html-validate html/index.html
# checks whether the webui can be built
./ -f environments
# TODO: gzip inserts an OS-dependant byte in the header, ref.
# -
# -
# - windowBits description in the
git --no-pager diff --stat
# run generic build test with the specified environment as base
scripts/ -e $2
# TODO: pending removal in favour of code/scripts/
./ -r
echo -e "\e[1;33mUnknown stage name, exiting!\e[0m"
exit 1