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#!/usr/bin/env python
Referencing current branch in github [1]
This pre-commit hook [2] updates the file's
CI badge [3] with the current branch. Based on [4].
Copy this file to .git/hooks/
import os
import re
import string
import sys
import argparse
from subprocess import call, check_output
from urllib.parse import urlparse
except ImportError:
from urlparse import urlparse
from fileinput import FileInput
# TODO: drop after supports python 3
if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
class FileInputCtx(FileInput):
def __enter__(self):
return self
def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback):
FileInput = FileInputCtx
class CustomFormatter(string.Formatter):
def format_field(self, value, spec):
if spec == "escape_hyphen":
return value.replace("-", "--")
return super(CustomFormatter, self).format_field(value, spec)
def run(cmd, cwd=None):
out = check_output(cmd, cwd=cwd)
out = out.decode("latin1").strip()
return out
def parse_h_string(define, r_quotes=re.compile("\"(.*)\"")):
string =
return string
def git_parse_remote(cwd=None, remote="origin"):
remote_url = run([
"git", "config", "--local",
"--get", "remote.{}.url".format(remote)], cwd)
if remote_url.startswith("git"):
_, _, repo = remote_url.partition(":")
path = repo.replace(".git", "")
elif remote_url.startswith("https"):
parsed = urlparse(remote_url)
path = parsed.path[1:]
return path.split("/")
def git_branch(cwd=None):
return run(["git", "rev-parse", "--abbrev-ref", "HEAD"], cwd)
def espurna_get_version(base, version_h="code/espurna/config/version.h"):
version = "unknown"
path = os.path.join(base, version_h)
with open(path, "r") as version_f:
for line in version_f:
if line.startswith("#define") and "APP_VERSION" in line:
version = parse_h_string(line)
return version
"![ci]": "![ci]({USER}/{REPO}/workflows/ESPurna%20build/badge.svg?branch={BRANCH})\n"
"![version]": "[![version]({VERSION:escape_hyphen}-brightgreen.svg)]"
"![branch]": "[![branch]({BRANCH:escape_hyphen}-orange.svg)]"
if __name__ == "__main__":
base = os.getcwd()
user, repo = git_parse_remote()
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(formatter_class=argparse.ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter)
parser.add_argument("-b", "--branch", help="git branch name", default=git_branch())
parser.add_argument("-u", "--user", help="git user name", default=user)
parser.add_argument("-r", "--repo", help="git repo name", default=repo)
parser.add_argument("-v", "--version", help="ESPurna version", default=espurna_get_version(base))
args = parser.parse_args()
fmt = {
"USER": args.user,
"REPO": args.repo,
"BRANCH": args.branch,
"VERSION": args.version
formatter = CustomFormatter()
templates = [
(k, formatter.format(tmpl, **fmt))
for k, tmpl in TEMPLATES.items()
def fmt_line(line):
for match, tmpl in templates:
if match in line:
return tmpl
return line
path = os.path.join(base, README)
with FileInput(path, inplace=True) as readme:
for line in readme:
if call(["git", "add", README]):