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Nathan van Schoote ac3a1e09df Updated local.format to local.format_string 3 months ago
Import-ics shebang to python3 3 years ago
contacts2csv restore categories as list 1 year ago
delete-items change help text 1 year ago
delete-reminder-folder add 2 years ago
delete-search-folders continue if not saved folders are found 2 years ago
find-item move find-item from sps-core to public core repo 2 years ago
fix-delegates Updated for python3 5 months ago
fix-folder-class Python 3 support and now list folders that are marked as IPF.Imap 3 years ago
fix-ipm-common-views script should also work for the Germans so fix the encoding issues 4 years ago
fix-received-date Move all scripts to their own directory, split the readme up in seperate readme per script. 4 years ago
ipf-imap-to-note Python3 compatibility 4 years ago
junk-folder-fix Switch to using lowercase filename 4 years ago
kopano-cleanup Setup script to run with python3 4 months ago
kopano-permissions add option to only remove store permissions 1 year ago
kopano-rules fix recipient address 2 years ago
localize-folders Check if folder exist 2 years ago
recreate-systemfolders rewrite recreate-system-folder 1 year ago
remove-duplicates Fix for empty subjects and utf-8 exception 4 years ago
resolve-entryid Update .ignore python 2.6 fix resolve-entryid 4 years ago
show-guid Make python3 compatible 4 years ago
show-item-information updated readme 1 year ago
store-stats Updated local.format to local.format_string 3 months ago
.gitignore add 1 year ago edited online with Bitbucket 4 years ago

Please see the respective directories for the scripts and their readme.