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A UDP Traffic Routing Utility

UdpPipe needs more packages than Python 2.7. We show what to install using the example of a Raspberry Pi installation with Debian Jessie (Raspbian). First the package python-dev has to be installed to get the necessary Python extensions later:

sudo apt-get install python-dev python-pip openssl git

Simply ignore apt-get's comment if the other packages are already on board. Once apt-get has run through, use pip to add two Python packages:

pip install daemon-runner pycrypto

If UdpPipe is to forward privileged ports (< 1024), it must run on head under the root account. Otherwise, a normal user account is the safer option.

There are matching systemd scripts in the systemd folder. The udppipe-server.service script is for the head service on the home server. udppipe-client.service is for the tail computer on the internet.

In the sample folder you will find examples of the head or tail configuration which must be copied to /etc.

Next step clone this git:

cd /usr/local
git clone

On the server at home:

cp /usr/local/UdpPipe/sample/server/udppipe.ini /etc

On the client on the internet:

cp /usr/local/UdpPipe/sample/client/udppipe.ini /etc

Change the ini files to the setting you need.

Next install the systemd services:

At home:

ln /usr/local/UdpPipe/systemd/udppipe-server.service /etc/systemd/system/udppipe-server.service
systemctl enable udppipe-server.service
systemctl start udppipe-server.service

On the Internet:

ln /usr/local/UdpPipe/systemd/udppipe-client.service /etc/systemd/system/udppipe-client.service
systemctl enable udppipe-client.service
systemctl start udppipe-client.service

You can find more information at

Last but not least many thanks to, unfortunately his website on this topic is no longer available.