Guacamole per Skript unter Ubuntu installieren
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NOTE: The version of FreeRDP2 that comes in the official repo for Ubuntu 18.04 is broken. If you are using Ubuntu 18.04 and RDP is not working / crashing run the following before or after install:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:remmina-ppa-team/freerdp-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install freerdp2-dev freerdp2-x11

Script for installing Guacamole 1.1.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 or newer (with MySQL, or remote MySQL). It should also work on pure Debian, Raspbian or Kali Linux. I have tested this with Debian 10.3.0 (Buster). If other versions don't work please open an issue. It is likely due to a required library having a different name.

Run script, enter MySQL Root Password and Guacamole User password. Guacamole User is used to connect to the Guacamole Database.

The script attempts to install tomcat9 by default (it will fall back on tomcat8 if the available version is 8.5.x or newer, otherwise it will fall back to tomcat7). If you want to manually specify a tomcat version there's a commented out line you can modify. Have at it.

If you're looking to also have NGINX / Let's Encrypt / HTTPS click HERE


By default the script will not install MFA support (QR code for Google/Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Mobile, etc. or Duo Push), if you do want MFA support you can use the -t or --totp or for Duo -d or --duo flags on the command line. Or modify the script variables installTOTP=true or installDuo=true. Do not install both


Here's a cool PowerShell module for using the Guacamole API:

Does not work if you have MFA turned on

How to Run:

Download file directly from here:


Make it executable:

chmod +x

Run it as root:

Interactive (asks for passwords):


Non-Interactive (values provided via cli):

./ --mysqlpwd password --guacpwd password --nomfa --installmysql


./ -r password -gp password -o -i

Once installation is done you can access Guacamole by browsing to: http://<host_or_ip>:8080/guacamole/ The default credentials are guacadmin as both username and password. Please change them or disable guacadmin after install!


Script for upgrading currently installed Guacamole instance (previously installed via this script/guide). This will also now update the TOTP or Duo extensions if used.

If looks for the tomcat folder in /etc/ (E.G. /etc/tomcat7 or /etc/tomcat8) hopefully that works to identify the correct tomcat version/path :smile: I'm open to suggestions/pull requests for a cleaner method.

All Switches

Install MySQL:

-i or --installmysql

Do NOT install MySQL:

-n or --nomysql

MySQL Host:

-h or --mysqlhost

MySQL Port:

-p or --mysqlport

MySQL Root Password:

-r or --mysqlpwd

Guacamole Database:

-db or --guacdb

Guacamole User:

-gu or --guacuser

Guacamole User Password:

-gp or --guacpwd

No MFA (No TOTP + Duo):

-o or --nomfa

Install TOTP:

-t or --totp

Install Duo:

-d or --duo

NOTE: Only the switches for MySQL Host, MySQL Port and Guacamole Database are available in the upgrade script.


  • Upgrading from 0.9.14 -> 1.1.0 has not been tested, only 1.0.0 -> 1.1.0.
  • Switches have changed and additional ones have been added!

How to Run:

Download file directly from here:


Make it executable:

chmod +x

Run it as root:

Interactive (asks for passwords):


Non-Interactive (MySQL root password provided via cli):

./ --mysqlpwd password