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Kopano OL Extension

We live in a world where it is a commodity to work with apps or web interfaces – just have a look at the big amounts of HTML5-apps on your tablets and smartphones. However, there are situations in which a rich application is needed. Think about working offline during a five hour flight or deeper integrations like writing series of letters in your Office suite.

This is exactly why we developed the Kopano Outlook Extension (KOE). If you are on the road a lot and thus without an internet connection, or if you rely heavily on specialised plugins in Outlook, then the Kopano OL Extension might just be the thing for you.


In-depth documentation, such as administration and user manuals, about our products be be found on our Documentation Portal. Additionally a Knowledge Base is available for quick start guides, handy code snippets, and troubleshooting help.


The main development of Kopano Core takes place in a private Bitbucket instance with development tickets organised in Jira. Please see for steps on how to contribute patches.

Downloading compiled packages

Compiled releases and the release archive are available to subscription holders from the the Kopano Portal and Kopano package repository. Nightly builds can be obtained from


Community Support is available through the Kopano Forum and through the #Kopano channel on Freenode IRC network. Additional support options are available for subscription holders.