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###Prepare for Building On Debian/Ubuntu (as root or using sudo):

 >apt-get install build-essential bison flex gettext libncurses5-dev texinfo autoconf automake libtool
 >apt-get install libpng12-dev libglib2.0-dev libgtk2.0-dev gperf
 >apt-get install rsync git subversion mercurial
  • Ensure bash ist default shell (Debian/Ubuntu standard is dash):
  >dpkg-reconfigure dash

and select no.

  • Clone the octonet and ddvb repositories:
  >git clone -b master octonet
  >git clone -b master dddvb
  >cd octonet  

If needed replace branch (master) and repository path with your own.


Complete build (needed once)


Rebuild main firmware



  • Create a subdirectory octonet on a local webserver, enable directory listing.
  >cp buildroot/output-octonet/images/octonet.* <your webserver root>/octonet

On some servers a .htaccess file with:

Options +Indexes

in the octonet directory might be necessary.

  • Configure your OctopusNet(s) to use your webserver as update server:
http://<OctopusNet IP>/updateserver.html

Initiate update from the OctopusNet

Note: for security reasons only private ip addresses (,, 192.168,0.0/16) are accepted

You can find details about the OctopusNet hardware, the flash memory map and the boot process in dddvb/docs/octopusnet in the dddvb repo!