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Quick and dirty approach to get stats of rspamd out of the webinterface's API into InfluxDB for visualizing using Grafana.


python3 --url "" --password "superSecretPassword"

You may provide the URL and password by defining the path to a configuration file in order to prevent other users from reading the password in clear text from the process list. To do so you need to provide the --config $path argument, e.g.

python3 --config "~/config.json"

The configuration file needs to contain the fields url and password as valid JSON. An example file could look like this:

    "url": "",
    "password": "superSecretPassword"


Use this script call within InfluxData's Telegraf


	commands = ["python3 /opt/rspamd-influxdb/ --config /etc/telegraf/tools-conf/rspamd-fetch.json"]
	timeout = "5s"
	data_format = "influx"

Security Tip

chown root:telegraf /etc/telegraf/tools-conf/rspamd-fetch.json
chmod 640 /etc/telegraf/tools-conf/rspamd-fetch.json

Grafana example

Grafana Example