264 Commits (master)

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jojo61 d5dec38d62 remove glxMakeCurrent 1 month ago
jojo61 115f3b1fce Set DISPLAY if not already set. 3 months ago
jojo61 ff16beb515 One more Fix for skinopacity 3 months ago
jojo61 25f70cd820 Fix DRM Audio 7 months ago
jojo61 16c734b9e3 Move sleep to VAAPI Part 7 months ago
jojo61 6e2bcd73de Fix Audio in softhdvaapi without libplacebo. 7 months ago
jojo61 fefd3e83f6 Fix VideoWindow with LIBPLACEBO_GL 7 months ago
jojo61 5c6514929d Fix for ffmpeg 4.4 by inj 7 months ago
jojo61 ce71019f44
Merge pull request #62 from dnehring7/master 7 months ago
jojo61 f24ae68a8d Revert "Fix for new ffmeg 4.4 thanks to lnj" 7 months ago
Dirk Nehring cf1a661c7b - Remove OSS support from source, it is deprecated since kernel 2.6 (released December 2003) 8 months ago
jojo61 a072caf133 Fix for new ffmeg 4.4 thanks to lnj 8 months ago
Dirk Nehring 43135c43bc reformat missing files 8 months ago
Dirk Nehring 177e44de98 - switch from indent to clang-format, which is supported by Visual Studio Code 8 months ago
jojo61 987ff6ba12 Fix Radio Plugin Stillpicture 8 months ago
jojo61 1878eaec88 Fix Placebo for AMD 8 months ago
jojo61 3ca2a06e9d Fix for AMD support 9 months ago
jojo61 cc099e24ea Update libplacebo till API 175 9 months ago
jojo61 59a82d409e Fix for GLEW Version 2.2 1 year ago
jojo61 eabbbcb442 Fix for softhdvaapi with libplacebo >= 3.Mai 2021 1 year ago
jojo61 8f96c06595 Fix Overlay transparency for osdteletext 1 year ago
jojo61 267dccf87a Support older libplacebo API 1 year ago
jojo61 2562c4eac5 Support for colortemp adjustment with libplacebo 1 year ago
jojo61 017ad3f61b Fix GRAB with PLACEBO_GL 1 year ago
jojo61 dfeb75cc51 Support libplacebo API 127 1 year ago
jojo61 b2247ebb9b Fix mute when switching channel 1 year ago
jojo61 8c89787269 Fixed volume level (with linearize) after changing the play mode. 1 year ago
jojo61 a4fe3aa31c More changes for HDR with softhddrm 1 year ago
jojo61 fde863adaf Fix HDR Header includes 1 year ago
jojo61 891d432536 More changes for HDR support with kernel 5.12 1 year ago
jojo61 c09bad125d Save Volume before external player suspend 1 year ago
jojo61 e9cfe530ba Update README 2 years ago
jojo61 8018f7d921 Improved libplacebo opengl performance for UHD content 2 years ago
jojo61 d553a8108d Fix AC3 dowmix 2 years ago
jojo61 cb4515f6b7 Minor updates 2 years ago
jojo61 277d7fbd86 More shader samples 2 years ago
jojo61 9347f2a502 Fix CUVID without placebo 2 years ago
jojo61 6dfd2d96aa Remove local cuda dependencie 2 years ago
jojo61 a7471e8800 Support for libplacebo API Version 106 2 years ago
jojo61 184cc1aa05 Fix playback for old PES recordings with vaapi 2 years ago
jojo61 072e1d6847 Fix vaapi for libplacebo > 87 2 years ago
jojo61 6c13195fda Remove hbbtv changes - not needed 2 years ago
jojo61 6a31404aa0 Optimize for hbbtv plugin 2 years ago
jojo61 a424a57036 Mangle with C and C++ 2 years ago
jojo61 05c2585238 Fix shaders for vaapi Version 2 years ago
jojo61 a28e368c1b Fix jumps between recording marks 2 years ago
jojo61 e4115f348b Update README 2 years ago
jojo61 03b770ce47 Support for mpv user shaders with libplacebo 2 years ago
jojo61 c7c4cb06a6 Fix aspect change within SD channels 2 years ago
jojo61 a41f6b22fd Update for latest libplacebo 2 years ago